Art Classes

Earth Pigment Painting Course

Includes All Material: Approx. !.5 hours

The most ancient paint form. Crushed from stones, plants and even charcoal from fire the colors will astound you. This Course teaches the known history of these paints as well as allows the student to try 4 forms of use:

Wet paint on Wet surface

Wet paint on dry surface

Dry Paint on Dry surface

Dry Paint on wet surface

Students will be given authentic scrap fur pieces to paint on, rawhide and bone.

$150 per student

Drum Making Course

Includes All Material: Approx 1.5 hours

Every culture has a drum, come learn the ancient art of making one of the most versatile cultural instruments.

There are 3 different styles of drums each class is at a different rate all drums are 12″ in diameter if a larger drum is desired arrangements must be made prior to class and will incur additional fees. I strongly advise the Earth Pigment Paint course prior to a Drum course. Drums are best painted with earth Pigment Paints while wet, if you want a painted drum please take the Pigment Paint course first.

Traditional Hand Drum

$175 a student

“Weicht” Scottish Drum


Bodhran Drum



Includes All Material Approx. 1 hour

Learn about the amazing historical Impact of the world’s most Sacred Shell. Quahog. Class includes the history of Wampum, and how to weave it using a style of glass beads to make a bracelet. These glass style beads were originally used for trade pre 1700 as a cheaper alternative to authentic shell.

$100 Per student

Make your own Ghillie Brogues

$200 per student 2-2.5 hours

6-8oz steerhide your choice of black or brown. Come learn how to make your own Shoes perfect for Ren Faire and Highland games.