Celebrant Services

Cultural Services are done on a sliding scale, the suggested donation price depends on your location and how many people are involved. Please Contact me for more detailed information.

First Kilting Ceremony: approx. 1/2 hour

Regardless if you choose the Fèileadh mòr no Fèileadh beag (Great Kilt or Small kilt) The first time you were a kilt is an important event. Being dressed by another is an important and intimate aspect of any culture. Mark your special event with the singing of a Gàidhlig song or reading of poetry followed by a family feast.

Cuaiche Ceremony Approx. 1 hour

(Pronounced Koo-ah)

You may be having special friends in from out of town, you might be celebrating the solstice and Hogmony. Perhaps you are wanting to establish trust with someone. The Cuaiche has long been the symbol of hospitality. The length of time depends on how many people are present and how long it takes for me to read some good poetry and sing a song.


I collect my own Juniper from my Juniper trees on my property and trees I have come to know and have the rite to harvest from. Because of its impact on trees I will only perform this ceremony up to 3x in a year for anyone outside my closest friends and family. You must have a fireplace in the home for this, or better yet A place to have a small controlled bonfire on the earth in your yard or community space. Although this is a cleansing ritual it is not the same as Smudging and should not be treated as such. This ritual is one of the oldest still remaining from our ancient Gaelic traditions. This is mostly used on Ceremonial days, before an important event: Childbirth, Burial, Protection before war or going to sea. It wasn’t a daily practice.

Woad Painting Services: Approx 1 hour

There are strong debates over the use of Woad in Pictish communities. Back and forth the scholars debate. My personal thoughts are that there was a mixture of both Woad and tattooing. As tattoos age they turn a slight blueish color. Woad is debated as to its use as it has been claimed to flake off, smear, etc. As an experienced pigment painter I can prepare the paint so it washes off in time for work in the morning, or so that it will stay for a few days the choice is yours. Sadly I feel that most people writing articles about the use of such paint… Seem to not have a background in it.

The Use of woad must be tested as some people can have a reaction to it. The use of paint in grieving, healing, transitions and burial is highly important to many people. Although there is no documentation of the use of the paint in this way it is something I have been called to do.

Clach Bhuaidh (Stone of Virtue):

Are you wanting to make positive changes in your life? Are you interested in making a bond of commitment to yourself, your ancestors, a friend or a potential spouse? The stone is here to bear witness and remember until the end of its days, which will be thousands, if not millions of years from now. Let the stone hold you to your promise. This ancient practice is rarely seen this day and age, with your help it is coming back to light.

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