Officiant Services/Neach-fèille

Specializing in Weddings, engagements and vow renewals with a Celtic flare.

Sliding scale pricing, suggested offering is $250

Are you wanting to:

~Tie the Knot ~Quaich To New Beginnings
~Handfasting ~Jump the Broom

Regardless if you are simply wanting to get in touch with your cultural roots for your big day, or if you are looking for a more Earthly based wedding alternative to a Church you have found your guy. I have been Officiating weddings since 2013. I hold a Doctorate in Ancient Theology and am an Ordained minister specializing in Celtic Spirituality especially when it comes to Marginalized communities. I am honored you are considering me for your special day.

(Jumping the broom is reserved for those that come from marginalized communities who historically were forbidden from marriage)

Clach Bhuaidh (Stone of Virtue):

This service is not included in my typical Officiant service and is at additional charge.

This stone will bear witness to your promises. Traditionally a hand fast was completed 1 year prior to a wedding. At the end of the year if the couple was still together the wedding would take place. If things were not working out, both parties had fulfilled their commitment.

This sacred ceremony was used with a stone as it would bear witness to your promise for thousands, if not millions of years.

Already married or getting married after your hand fast? Wedding vows can also be done and renewed in a unique traditional way with this sacred stone. Please contact me for the history of this tradition and to reserve it. A one of a kind piece totally unique and under my care.

*Please note these prices do not include travel fees to your location*

**A bheil Gàidhlig agad? Tha cleachdadh na cloiche so saor dhuit, tha mi ‘g iarruidh gu’m biodh mo chòmhdhail agus m’ aoidheachd air an còmhdachadh gus a’ chlach so a thoirt a d’ ionnsuidh.**